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Jewelry Designer

About the Designer

Whatever your life's adventure may be, Boho Tribe Collection encourages you to

dream big... and take the first step!

On the path to following my dreams, an important aspect is setting a daily intention. With healing gemstones, this intentional jewelry line will help you do just that. A sweet simple reminder... a living intention you can wear on your wrist, earlobes or neck! 

As a dedicated yoga practitioner and designer, my yoga mat has become my safe haven, a place to reconnect and find peace. A few years ago, I traveled to Costa Rica and went through an intense immersive yoga teacher training, (we are talking hot power yoga in a tropical rain forest).Through the process of becoming a yoga teacher, I became open to possibilities around me. I make a priority to reconnect with nature, by hiking and stand up paddle boarding. I also rediscovered my love of creating in a Metal Jewelry class. I love working with my hands. To be honest, I became 100% obsessed.  


As an interior designer turned jewelry designer, I am able to pull together many elements from my formal design training; color, pattern, texture and editing. With jewelry design the possibilities are endless! Nothing gives me more joy than being "out and about," and seeing somebody wearing a piece of jewelry I created. A favorite thing I hear from my customers is, "I wear this EVERY day."


I invite you to take some time and shop the        jewelry. Perhaps you will stumble upon something that

inspires  and connects with

                         Y U



Jewelry Production Inspector

Meet Our Staff

Jaguar aka "Jaggy," "The Jaggermeister," "Jag," is our Jewelry Production Inspector. She oversees and inspects all jewerly production from start to finish. 


Jaguar's favorite thing in life is a good chin scratch, and she has a talent for fitting herself into shopping bags. She skillfully can open most doors without assistance.


Jaguar's favorite toy is a small pink mouse. She has been loving this toy since she was brought home from the Animal Rescue League in 2008.



Meet Our Staff

Jewelry Production Inspector


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